Trains to Chessington

Many people who are thinking about coming to Chessington naturally think of driving there. After all if they live fairly locally or they can get onto the M25 quite easily, this would be the natural choice.

But not everyone will be suited to getting to Chessington by car. Luckily there is no need to worry if this includes you – getting trains to Chessington is just as easy and in fact it can sometimes be the better choice as well.

How many train stations are in Chessington?

There are two stations in Chessington itself. One is called Chessington North and the other is Chessington South. If you are planning on going to Chessington World of Adventures you will need to go to Chessington South, which is also the end of this particular railway line.

If you want to go elsewhere in Chessington, find out whether trains to Chessington would serve you better if you were to get off at Chessington North.

How far is it to get from the Chessington South station to Chessington World of Adventures?

Many people visiting the area want to go to the theme park. Luckily you won’t have to walk too far to reach it once you alight from the train at Chessington South. The park is just ten minutes or so away.

Is it easy to get a train from various places to Chessington?

Yes it is. Trains to Chessington actually run on a smaller spur line that comes off another line and ends at Chessington South – the station sometimes called Chessington World of Adventures station.

A network of lines run all over the Surrey area so although you might need to change trains once or twice to get to the station you want, it is quite easy to do so. If you are travelling from London you will need to catch a train from London Waterloo to go out to Chessington.

If you live further afield or to the north of London the best bet is to get a train into London and then go round to London Waterloo to catch the required train out to Surrey. Other starting points all over the country can also feed through to the Chessington area, but you may wish to consult a train map prior to booking your journey. This should tell you how many changes are required and how long the journey will take.

What are the advantages of catching a train to the Chessington area?

If you don’t like driving or you don’t own a car, the advantages are obvious. You can sit back and relax and enjoy the sight of the countryside going past you as well as many towns and villages in the Surrey area and beyond.

In addition to this you know you won’t have far to walk at the other end if you are going to visit the theme park. Many people will also be getting off the train with you at Chessington South, all looking forward to a day or two exploring the zoo and the park and trying out all the rides.

Pre-booking your tickets should mean they are even cheaper too, although it’s wise to remember that this will place you on a specific train. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic though. You can just board your train and enjoy the journey as you speed towards Chessington for a day out, or perhaps a long weekend.

In conclusion

There is a lot to look forward to in Chessington and there is no doubt that the best way to get there is by train. Why not try it for yourself?