The Different Lands of Chessington World of Adventures

Tuesday November 2, 2010

Everyone knows that Chessington is now a theme park. It still retains the zoo and has integrated it beautifully into the rest of the park. But this is a park of rides and thrills and spills, and as such it won’t surprise you to learn that there are several different lands in the park for you to explore.

For instance Mystic East is a land that is closer to the back of the park, in relation to where you enter when the park opens. It features the big log flume known as Dragon Falls, which allows you to see out over Chessington and beyond – if you are brave enough to ride it.

Transylvania is another popular land in the park, and its main attraction is the Vampire roller coaster ride. This is a hanging coaster and it sits virtually next door to the Bubbleworks ride.

Wild Asia is the newest land to be added to the theme park. It has been common practice to keep updating and reinventing sections of the park to keep it fresh and interesting, and Wild Asia is just another example of this tactic. Its main ride to entice visitors in is the KOBRA. This is known as a Disc-O ride which is like a roller coaster in some ways, but very different in others. It has been a success so far.

The Forbidden Kingdom will lure you in with its ties to ancient times back in Egypt. Indeed this is where the Rameses Revenge ride gets its name from. You might think from this that all the rides at Chessington are designed for thrill seekers and those who are firmly of adult age. This isn’t the case though, as you will see when you enter the land called Land of the Dragons.

The title of the land tells you everything about what you will find there. There is the Dragon’s Fury ride that is designed for older children over 1.2 metres in height (as well as adults of course). But many of the rides are for younger children to enjoy. These include Griffins Galleon among others. It is certainly a nice area to visit.

You have several lands to see during your time at Chessington. Make sure you enjoy them all and you will get the best out of your time there as a result. Where will you head for first?